New Adventures Diving

Dive in the North West UK

Many people learn to dive on holiday, in warm tropical waters with outstanding visibility.

However, waiting for your next holiday to go diving can seem like a long time to be out of the water and the UK offers some fantastic diving opportunities that you can safely enjoy with just a little extra training.

This also has the benefit of doing away with the refresher courses your holiday dive centre might require because you haven't been underwater for a long time.

In most of the UK you can also go diving without needing a guide: you are free to plan and conduct dives independently (with a buddy, of course). As part of the package we will go through this with you and, if necessary, refresh your dive planning skills.

Normal price for all three: £475
Package price: £399

*If you are already certified for one or both of these specialty courses, then we will repeat the course in a drysuit and in UK conditions. However, as you already hold the certification, the price for the package will be reduced by £30 each.